A Guide to the Best Cycling Betting Sites Online

If names like Tour de France and Giro d’Italia excites you, then you are definitely cycling sports fans. Players, thinking about cycling betting online, undoubtedly, you have come to the right spot. The main objective of this review is to make you aware of the different online cycling betting sites, odds, how to read odds, betting tips, events, latest news, and many more. Knowing all the beneficial information will help you to place bets online on events and win them.
Published: Oct 4, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Cycling Online Betting Sites

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 Best Cycling Betting

It is one of the competitive and challenging sports worldwide, and a lot of people take part in it. It is a physical activity that categorizes different racing, like time trailing, mountain bike racing, BMX, track cycling, cyclo-cross, cycle speedway, etc. With the increase in popularity, cycling betting has also earned enormous popularity.

Rules of Cycling

Before you start with mobile cycling betting, it’s important to know the rules. The more information and knowledge you have about betting on cycling online, the higher your chances of winning them. The rules are:

Outright Betting/ Individual Betting/ Rider Finishing Position

Players must pass the starting line of any events for a bet on cycling to stand, or else the stake and void will return. At the time of the podium presentation, every bet is settled on the official classification listings, revealed by the particular race governing body. Most importantly, subsequent disqualifications are not going to affect bets.

Event Specials

A specialized event needs to be completed in full, or else bets become void if results are not maintained. For a particular rider special, a specified rider needs to start the respective event to ensure bets stand. Well, in the case of the number of rider specials, the specialized event for bets is started by the statutory number of teams.


In a specialized event, when a cyclist achieves the highest place, the match-ups are settled. In a tournament, when a cyclist or both cyclists is not passing the start line, bets are deemed void. When both of them start, and one of them fails to finish a specific stage, the cyclist completing the event will deem the winner. When both cyclists start but do not complete a specific event, bets are deemed void.

Cycling Betting

Cycling Personalities

Take a look at the all-time popular cyclists of all-time are:

Alberto Contador

At all the three Grand Tours, the fifth of sixth men claiming DC victories, Alberto Contador has stolen the imagination in the post-Lance cycling world. The fans cannot forget the way how gracefully he won the titles.

Jens Voigt

When it comes to cyclist personalities, Jens Voigt is one of them. Born on 17th September 1971, he is from Germany and has participated in different tournaments like the 2004 Summer Olympics, 2000 Summer Olympics, 2008 Summer Olympics, etc.

Eddy Merckx

This man is a popular name in cycling sports in the 1964 Summer Olympics. Born on 17th June 1945, and he is a Belgian former professional road and track bicycle racer and was highly competitive. His victory includes all of the five Monuments, the hour record, three World Championships, every major one-day race other than Paris–Tours, etc.

Best Cycling Sites to Bet Legally

Most significantly, it’s essential to choose an eminent cycling betting app, providing top-class promos and offers. A list including the leading cycling betting sites with a table containing all the details is mentioned here. Take a look!

Name Of The SportsbookPromo Offers
William HillUse WHGAMBLER500 to get a $500 bonus
DraftKingsEnjoy a bonus of $200 with a $35 free bet
SugarHouseUse SUGARGAMBLER to avail a match of $250
PointsBetUse a promo code is 1000POINTS, a $20 free bet, a $1000 match bet
BetMGMA welcome bonus of $250
FanDuelA $500 risk-free bet
CaesarA 100% match up to $300
Golden NuggetA $500 risk-free net and a $1000

William Hill

The three words that can describe William Hill perfectly are quality, reliability, and experience. Introduced in 1934, and the bookie offers a huge amount of sports in this sector. When it comes to cycling races today, you can go ahead with this prominent website. With a decent variety of odds, you will get many perks that you can enjoy.


With a variety of sports betting, DraftKings is the real money cycling betting site. It has a well-crafted website, betting odds, complete coverage of cycling news live, and it does not stop here. In case you need some exclusive tips, don’t worry DraftKings website will provide you. An in-depth analysis is mentioned regarding the cycling race results, which will help you to win.


From offering live events to a successful app for iOS and Android, you will be highly satisfied after receiving the amazing experience. It will encourage you to play live betting often and win real money. No punter is not aware of SugarHouse retail sportsbook.


Launched a few years ago, but after that, the apps have been crowned as the leading operator in the wager on cycling futures markets. With an excellent live streaming medium, it has user-friendly navigation, a convenient system, and many other things. If you start comparing the features of the website, no doubt, it will win the top position.

MGM Sportsbook

The objective of MGM Sportsbook is that the top odds cyclist wagering must focus on big competitions like the Olympics and the Grand Tours. If you are ready to go with a bet on individual cycling races, go ahead with the MGM sportsbook.


Once you step into FanDuel, you will not feel like leaving the website. The website is built in such an organized manner with exclusive betting odds and also giving a chance of live betting. When it comes to quality, FanDuel will top the list.


It would not be fair if we do not include Caesar’s name on the list as this particular website has the most attractive features. With cash-out options, you can decrease your losses before the tournament gets over.

Golden Nuggets

Be sure to log into the account of Golden Nuggets, when the largest events are about to start. From offering all-time cycling markets, you can enjoy the best value of in-play cycling betting odds throughout the year.

United States Cycling Betting

cyclingIn some parts of the US, live betting has already been legalized, so many platforms are coming up. However, a few states are there have passed the law and are waiting for it. The states where live games have been legalized are New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, Iowa, Mississippi, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, Colorado, Montana, New Hampshire, Arkansas, Washington D.C., and West Virginia. The states who have passed the law and are waiting for permission are Kentucky, Minnesota, Maine, Oklahoma, Missouri, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Arizona, Maryland, Connecticut, California, Ohio, North Dakota, South Carolina, Kansas, Alabama, South Dakota, Texas, Georgia, Hawaii, Wyoming, Vermont, Florida, Alaska, and Nebraska.

Cycling Betting Offers

Are you new to betting? If so, make sure that you know about every bet. They are:

  • Race Winner: If you can predict who will win a race among the players participating in the event, go and place the wager.
  • Top 10 Finish: You need to select the top 10 players who will move further in the tournament.
  • Top 3 Finish: Similar to the top 10, you need to select the top three players who will complete the race. Be sure when you are placing the bets; otherwise, you might start losing money.
  • Stage Betting: Alongside betting on the entire tournament, you can bet on the winners of every stage.
  • King of the Mountain: Cycling tournaments, such as the Giro d’ Italia, the Tour de France have mountain stages. In this category, a person is declared as a winner, the best overall climber in the entire competition.
  • Future Betting: In such bets, you can predict the winner, much before the event. It’s a risky bet, and the payouts are also higher.
  • Younger Rider Betting: It is popular cycling, allowing you to bet on young cyclists in various stages. You need to select which cyclist under the age of 25 will earn higher points in the race.

Cycling Events

Tour De France

Moving ahead, some other things that we would like to share with you are about the tournaments.

Giro D’ Italia

Giro D’ Italia is a famous race with odds on bike races at the licensed and regulated website. The tournament takes place in Italy, while some stages can happen in nearby countries as well. In 2020, the first three stages happened in Hungary, and the remaining event took place in various parts of Italy.

Tour De France

If you are a cyclist fan, you are aware of the Tour De France event and how the Lance Armstrong era has dominated in the early 2000s. In today’s time, the cyclists complete over 21 days with the entire course. Additionally, it is also the biggest event to bet on.

Cycling Betting Odds

When it comes to cycling odds, three different forms are there, such as Fractional, Decimal, and American odds. The common aspect is every odd will have a positive or a negative sign before it. The positive sign indicates you are losing, while the negative sign states you are winning.

Cycling Betting Tips

Our article would be incomplete without including information about the tips and strategies. Let’s check out some of the aspects that will help you to place cycling wagers.

  • Understanding the sports: Most importantly, ensure that you understand the sports thoroughly. Check what professional cycling sports demand mentally and physically. It’s also important to be aware of the different cycling events, like mountain biking, road cycling, track cycling.
  • Analyzing the event: Every year, hundreds of races take place, in which bettors get a chance to place bets. In regards to that, ensure that you have proper details about how the tournament is going to take place. Going through the latest updates will give you invaluable information that can help you in choosing a bet.

Latest News

mobile app

There has been a significant impact of Covid-19 on the revenue generated through mobile betting. A report stated that all retail gambling venues are closed on 20th March 2020. It indicates that the activities generating 50% of the overall market revenue have stopped.


Thanks for reading out our cyclist review guide and knowing all the updated information. Hopefully, everything explained here is sufficient for you to understand how the over/under and other odds are placed. So, it’s time to prepare a cycling betting strategy on how to bet on cycling and win rewards. Once you start the process, you will love to do it again and again, as it’s a good way to earn. But ensure that you are confident that the bets you are placing will help you win.

The best betting sites for wagering on the:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I bet on cycling online?

To bet, you can look for a reputable website, like FanDuel, SugarHouse, Caesar, etc.

What is the main factor to consider while betting on cycling?

The main factors to consider while betting on cycling are going through the wagering requirements, type of odds, preparing a betting strategy, and many more.

What is the biggest cycling race?

Tour De France is the biggest cycling race.

Where can I watch cycling races?

You can watch cycling races on the top sportsbook, or Giro d'Italio is BeIN Sports, FuboTV, and FloBikes' Sports channel.

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