Straight Bets For Online Horse Racing US: Review & Concepts

Published: Sep 16, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Straight bets permit horse betting bettors to keep wagering to be simple. The most important aspect about this is betting on a single horse in a single race. In a way, it gives you the highest chances of winning your investments at real money betting sites. For avid gamblers interested to learn the wagering lingo must read through this content.

It is a suitable way to start betting on horse races online. It has a lot of offers that you can win. Here, we are going to enclose details on how different straight bets work, the calculation of odds, when to go with straight bets, its value, and some related information. For newbies willing to invest their hard-earned money in races, it can be helpful.

About Straight Bets

It is the simplest bet while wagering on races, which means you are placing a wager on a single horse. If it wins, you get your rewards, and if the horse losses, you too. Players wishing to earn smaller payoffs can go with it through mobile sports betting. Here, three types are there, like Win, Place, and Show, described in detail in the article.

The Difference Of Bet Types

You will come across several other wagers, and you would like to know the difference between them. Here it is.

Straight bets are where only a single horse is involved, irrespective of whichever wager you select. But in other types, like exotic, it is a combination of wager, predicting who will win at the top places. Depending on the kind you choose, the order of picking first second, third, etc., may or may not matter. However, in straight, there is no such issue as you have to pick only one and that’s it. It is one of the reasons why gamblers consider the wager to be the easiest to understand.

Horse Racing Straight Bets

Win Bets

In all top horse betting sites, you will come across a winning bet. It is an effort you are making to predict who will win the race today. Collect the winnings if your prediction is accurate.

Win Odds

The tote board will give you the details of win odd for everyone taking part in the race. For instance, on the board, if A is showing 5 and you place a win wager for $3, you get $18. It is five times $3 with the value of the original bet, $3. It means you get a straight bet payout of $18 which will be reflected in the wind section that is in the first column after the race is official.

Show Bets

One more variety is the Show bet, where the one you have selected has a chance to complete the race in any of the top three positions. The amount you can see on the show column is what you will get as winnings.

Show Odds

The odds on the steed will be listed in the third column, indicating how much you will get. The wager is giving you three different choices to win, so the payout will be lesser compared to a win and place. Not only that, but the risk is lesser than a win and place. Here you will have the same amount of money, irrespective of the steed winning at any position among the top three.

Place Bet

It is a wager where the horse has to complete the race in the top two positions. However, the online horse racing sites offer a smaller payout than win but higher than a show. It is said that the risky the wager is, the higher the payout is.

Place Odds

When the steep completes the race in any of the top positions, the amount forecasted in column 2 or the place section will be yours. Remember, when you make a place bet, it does not matter whether the steed completes in the first or second position. It’s because the amount that you will get is the same. The calculation of the horse odds is similar to as explained in the win wager.

“Win / Place, Place / Show”: It is two wagering combinations like “Win / Place and Place / Show”, and must be made respectively. Suppose, for a $3 wager, it will cost $6.

Across The Board: It is a combination of all the three wagers; place, win and show. On the online horse racing betting sites, when you choose “across the board”, you are betting on place, win, and show. Collect the winnings of every bet when the steep wins. Gather the value of show and place payoffs when it has completed in the second position. Claim for the rewards of show bets when you have won it only. As it is an amalgamation of three wagers, the price of $3 is available at $9.

How Much Do Straight Bets Cost?

Before you bet on individual horse races, you have to decide on the type of wager. Here is a table giving you a rough idea of the price you have to spend.

Bet TypeWinning ChancesExpectationOn $100 bankroll
WinAverageDepending on win odds$4 per horse
PlaceGoodBetter than show$5 per horse
ShowExcellentModest payoffs$6 per horse

How To Make Place, Win, And Show Bets?

While gambling on horses online and wishing to make show, place, and win the wager, considering the parameters are crucial.

  • The Race Number: Many races are available every day at the race tracks. Ensure that you have the number of races listed for every wager you wish to make.
  • The Track: Having the name of the track on hand is necessary, and it is significant when you plan to be at a track different from others.
  • The Type Of Wager: Determine which type of wager you want to choose from place, win, and show while betting.
  • The Amount Of Bet: Many assume the amount is to be $2, but you should inform when you want to increase the price.
  • The Number Of Horses: Do not try to look for the name of the horse on the legal horse betting site. No information will be telecasted with the name as they have to deal with many races throughout the day. It is the number of the steed that you can see on your ticket.

Fixed Odds

In racing, it is rare to take advantage of fixed betting odds as it permits you to lock in the odds on which you have placed your wager. With that, there won’t be any effect on your odds irrespective of what other players might be doing. For certain races, you may come across fixed odds, and it often takes the nature of futures wagers. In this condition, take advantage of odds before betting on a majority of races has happened.

Breaking Down Every Bet

Online Horse Racing Straight BetsHere, “official order of finish” is a phrase being used, which bettors need to understand. The win means the horse has to finish at the first position in the official order of finish. Similarly, it is with show and place bets. At times, and the steeds might come at some order across the line. However, the order can be changed by stewards based on certain clauses. Thus, while betting on horses online, you should never lose hope till the official results are declared. The minimum value of wager you get in place, win, and the show is $2. However, if you want, you can increase the price, which will give you potential payback.

The Ending Note

Do you want consistent returns while wagering on steep races, you must consider favorites? They can cash in place, win, and show bets more consistently. Most importantly, you have to pick the leading retail sportsbook offering a generous welcome bonus.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it legal to bet on horse races online?

Yes, it is legal to wager on horse races online. Make sure the site you choose is licensed and regulated by the top operators and signup. 

Where can I bet on horse racing? 

Different reputable sites are there on horse races, and you have to look for a secured one. With that, you can start wagering on horse races. 

Where can I check Horse racing odds for straight bets?

It is available in the odds section, and for different wagers, the odds are specified in separate columns. Like for win odds, it is the first column, for show odds, it is the third column, etc. 

What is the most winning type of bet for horse racing? 

The most winning type of bet is a show wager where the horse can complete the race in any of the top three positions. 

Can I bet on horse racing events that happen outside the USA?

Yes, you can. The US betting sites allow you to wager on horse races happening outside the USA. 

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