An Overview of The Gambling Industry in Vermont

The history of gambling in the state of Vermont began with horse racing and involved pari-mutuel betting, which attained legal support in 1959. Most of the Vermont gambling was restricted to lottery and games played for charity supported by an act passed in 1976. The proceeds of the games have been donated to the State Education fund since 1998. Today, the charity games in Vermont are quite diverse and active, including Casino nights and regular Poker tournaments. Most of the Vermont residents travel to Connecticut to play at land-based casinos. When it comes to Vermont online gambling space, it does not have the legal support, nor there are strict laws against it. In this article, we would give you an extensive overview of the gambling scene in Vermont that can clarify your doubts about the issue.

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    The Problem of Legalization of Online Gambling in Vermont

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    The state of Vermont has the reputation of having strict laws against professional gambling. Gambling can take place only when the proceedings are going for charity, and non-profit organizations act as the host for the charitable games. The proceedings of such games are used to support educational, charitable, and religious causes. The necessary permission to organize such games can be obtained by non-profit organizations that have a proven record of philanthropic activities for one year before they start organizing such games.

    Upon receiving permission to operate such games, an organization may conduct card games, bingo, raffles, etc. but slot machines are strictly prohibited. As we have already discussed, online gambling is neither legal nor illegal in the state, and the residents do engage in unregulated online gambling. The problem here is that Vermont online gambling is not even a matter of concern for the state, and most of the residents of the country use offshore gambling sites to enjoy their games. The same goes for online betting, which does not have a positive or negative legal status.

    Aspects to Analyze Before Gambling at Vermont Casinos

    If you are a Vermont resident and looking for some gambling thrill in the online space, you must consider certain factors before choosing an online site. Though there are many well-reputed offshore sites, people do fall into the trap of unregulated casinos in the process. We will share with you certain parameters that can help you to login into the best online casino.  The first thing you should keep in mind while choosing an online casino is the methods they provide to make deposits and withdrawals. Have a look at all the methods a casino offers and decide which way will be comfortable for you. The second parameter is the site’s security mechanism that will protect your personal information and money transactions. Make sure that you don’t fall prey to unregulated sites. If the casino provides loyalty programs, bonuses, and promotional offers, it should be considered a prospect. A reputable casino will always offer the best customer support to the players to not face any issues while enjoying their games. On the technological front, you should always try and test the mobile apps and the site’s software to see if they are compatible enough for you. It is necessary to get comfortable with the site software and the mobile app to enjoy the games without hassle.

    Lottery and Daily Fantasy Sport in Vermont

    The state of Vermont has two major lotteries, one is a Tri-state lottery shared with New Hampshire and Maine and the other being its own. These lotteries are established separately but regulated by the Vermont statute. The thrill of creating your own fantasy sports team and betting on their performance is a unique experience. Daily fantasy sports have succeeded in fulfilling the betting desires of many. Vermont has shown a liberal stance to daily fantasy sports by exempting it from the state gambling laws.

    The Option of Social Casinos

    We are quite aware of social casinos that are quite popular among gamers who wish to try their luck without involving the risk of losing money. Several online social casinos let players enjoy their favorite online games with their friends without causing a burden on their pocket. The medium of exchange in social casinos is virtual coins that are free of cost and gold coins that come with in-app purchases. Due to the lack of regulated Vermont online gambling space, social casinos can act as a safer option for players.

    We will share with you two of the finest social casinos that have given the players unique gaming experience.


    Chumba has built a special place for itself in the online social casino space. When you sign up for Chumba, you get a bonus of 2000000 gold coins, and the sweeping coins will get restocked for free once you end up using them. It provides a wide range of games from your favourite spinning wheel game of roulette to video poker and blackjack.


    Another giant in the social casino domain is Luckyland with an extensive range of more than 30 slot games, 9000 gold coins and 50 sweep coins to begin with. You won’t find yourself bored once you walk into Luckyland which is built to provide you with the magnificent gaming experience you deserve.

    The Current Gambling Scenario

    We have already discussed that the state of Vermont is not very tolerant of gambling. The state allows regulated gambling only for charity purposes. The status of online gambling is not even a serious consideration for Vermont, while unregulated access to online casinos by the resident is relatively high. However, the legalization of Daily fantasy sports has given some hope that sports betting will have a future in the state. If further progress in legislation will be seen, then games that are being played for charity purposes will see an excellent fan base in the state.

    The state has set up a committee to study the option of taxing and regulating sports betting. It is hoped that the bill will see a fluent breakthrough once the coronavirus pandemic issue is over. As the 2020 U.S presidential election is knocking on the door, the chances of positive reforms in the gambling sector can be expected if Mr. Donald Trump is elected for a second term. With his experience as a hotelier, he understands the importance of casinos for taxation purposes.

    We hope that we have provided you with a unique insight into the small yet complicated gambling world in the state of Vermont. The concept of charity based gambling is a noble one, yet reforms should be made to make gambling a widespread regulated leisure activity throughout the state. Residents are anyway going to the nearby states for gambling or taking refuge in online casinos, so the legalization of gambling should be given thought.

    Information is a key to the greatest gambling experience ever. With our reviews you will get everything you need to bet on sports online safely and play casino games without any troubles in the following states:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are online casinos legal in Vermont?
    Online casinos are illegal in Vermont.
    Can I bet legally on horse racing in Vermont?
    Yes, betting on horse races is legal in Vermont.
    Is sports betting legal Vermont?
    No, sports betting is not legal in Vermont.
    Should I be 21 years old to have the right to play social casinos?
    No, the minimum age is not 21 years, it’s 18 years. So, if you are 18 years old, you can play at social casinos.
    Is it legal to use a VPN to play on European casino sites in Vermont?
    No, it is not legal to use a VPN for gambling purposes in Vermont.

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