Best Mississippi Online Sports Betting Sites Review

Although Mississippi embraces sports betting, only land-based wagering is legal. Full Mississippi online sports betting is expected to kick off as soon as the law removes the restrictions. At the moment, online and mobile wagering can only be done in physical venues of licensed land-based casinos. This guide will explain more about Sports betting in Mississippi, and why online sports betting is yet to be legalized. It will also represent other important details about Mississippi online sports betting.

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Introduction to The Mississippi Gambling

In the state of Mississippi, people are allowed to bet on all major sports. These include Soccer, Baseball, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Basketball, Golf, Hockey, Tennis, Martial Arts, and Tennis. There are currently about 29 casinos in the state, with 27 of them having physical sportsbooks. The most popular places visited for gambling are Tunica and Biloxi. The first sports wager in the state of Mississippi were made on August 1 in 2018. They were made at the Gold Strike Casino Resort in Biloxi and the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino in Tunica. There are about seven casinos each in both states presently.

Why Can’t I Bet Online in Mississippi?

The state law currently permits betting only inside licensed brick and mortar casinos. Even electronic gambling can only take place within a licensed casino property. Since January 25, 2019, Senator Willie Simmons had introduced a new bill that would allow the state betting law to include online and mobile sports betting. The bill was not passed and it is not certain when online and mobile gambling will be allowed in the state. But we believe the online gambling market in Mississippi will be open as soon as possible, and the restrictions will be lifted.

Mississippi Daily Fantasy Sports Betting

Websites offering fantasy sports betting operated in the state until 2016. It stopped after the Attorney General gave an opinion on how fantasy sports is also gambling based on the state’s definition. Many online sites left but were invited back when a new legislation got signed by Governor Bryant.

Horse Racing Betting in Mississippi

Betting on Horse racing can be offered legally at Mississippi’s licensed sportsbooks. The Palace Casino Resort in Biloxi was the first licensed casino to start horse racing bets in 2019. All bets on horses taken at the casino were pari-mutuel.

What To Consider When Choosing An Online Mississippi Sports Betting Site

In order to gamble safely, one must consider many factors before choosing a gambling site. We have written in details some of these factors to guide beginners when the market finally opens for Mississippi online sports betting sites.

  • Banking Methods

A lot of financial transactions take place daily on real money betting sites. The operators of the websites make this possible through the use of different banking methods. Most sports betting sites will make available not less than two different methods for users to make deposits and withdrawals. Some popular payment methods used are PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, ACH, and Online Banking.

  • Security

Many financial transactions take place on gambling sites and app daily. Thus, it is important for a sports betting app or site to provide transparent and easy payment methods. It is strongly advised not to join a site that does not provide enough security for its user. There are different ways one can know how secure a gambling site is. One of the ways is reading reviews of sports betting sites online. There are thousands of reviews available on different online casino guides. Bettors can also visit these sites themselves to see what security methods the site takes to keep their users safe. Gambling sites should have SSL encryption enabled to encrypt players’ data.

  • Promotions and Bonuses

Promotions and bonuses are also part of the features you should expect on Mississippi online sports betting sites. The most popular kinds of promotions offered are welcome bonuses and free bets. Welcome bonuses are usually given at gambling sites that also offer online casino games. The bonuses may come in different forms but the two most popular forms are deposit bonuses and no-deposit bonuses. Welcome deposit bonuses are extra cash given after a player makes the first deposit, to enable that player play more games without using his or her money. No-deposit bonuses are given to new players without requiring them to make any deposit. This bonus money may be used to play many games, including legal online poker, slots, tables games, and a lot more. Free bets are more common on legal sports betting sites. They enable punters to make “risk-free” bets. That is, if a new punter loses the first set of bets, the lost money is refunded.

  • Reputation and Legalization

A site or app that involves financial transactions and collection of individuals’ private information definitely has to be trusted. The company operating the site has to be a reputable company, properly registered under the laws. There are different regulators and gaming authorities around the world. For a gambling site to be legal in a region, it must be licensed and regulated by the specific gaming authority or board in charge of that region or state. There are several gaming authorities around the world. Some authorities regulate gaming over many countries and states, while some are restricted to only one country or state. Some of the top gaming authorities in the world include the Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, and the Gibraltar Gaming Commission. Any company wishing to start a Mississippi online sports betting site must seek a license from the MGC (Mississippi Gaming Commission).

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  • Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are similar to bonuses offered at gambling sites. While bonuses are usually meant to attract new players, loyalty programs are meant to reward regular users of the site or app. These programs keep bettors interested in the gambling site and encourage them to invite others to use the site with them. The programs are usually structured in different ways. Some online casinos may require players to accumulate points based on their activities on the site or amount of money deposited. Then, each player keeps moving up levels depending on the number of points accumulated. There are usually different benefits at different levels of the loyalty program. The players at higher levels enjoy more benefits and more offers than the ones at the low levels.

  • Customer Support

This feature is usually overlooked by a lot of new bettors, but it is so important. The customer support system at a casino or gambling site determines how well and quick bettors will get results if they have challenges using the site. The customer support team of every gambling site must be friendly and professional. Their support methods must also be easy to use and readily available. The popular support methods are live chat, telephone calls, email, contact forms, and FAQ.

  • Choice of Games

The kinds of games and betting options available also affect the choice of a gambling site. While there are some people who love to play a wide range of games, there are some that only prefer a particular kind of game. People who love to play different games will choose gambling sites with online casino games like slots, table games, live dealers, etc. Other people may decide to play only on poker sites if they love to play the card game.

  • Apps

The availability of downloadable apps makes mobile sports betting easy. It allows bettors to easily place bets at sportsbooks and play games without using a PC or their mobile browser. Lovers of casino games can also easily download the casino app for iOS and Android made available by the casino site. These apps can be used to play many casino games in the same quality as browsers on PC.

  • Software

Another important thing bettors should check is the software which is operated by a casino or gambling site. There are many gaming software developers in the world. But there are few ones that have gained respect for their top quality gaming software. Some casino players have their preferred developers and always look out for them on casino sites. The providers of software featured by a casino also determine how good the games are and if they will be compatible with different devices.

Which Legal Sports Betting Apps Are Expected in Mississippi?

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Mississippi had already repealed the parts of its law which banned the sports gambling in 2017. But the activity could not fully start until 2018 when the Supreme Court lifted the federal ban on the activity. It eventually became the fourth state in the US to begin legal sports betting in 2018. We are yet to have any legal Mississippi online sports betting site or app, as only land-based sports betting has been legalized. Since the law requires bettors to be present at a physical land-based sportsbook, many mobile betting sites and app operators are yet to launch their platform in Mississippi. This is expected to change soon and many sports betting apps operators are already getting ready to launch in the state. We expect mobile betting apps like FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM, PointsBet, which are already operating in other states to launch in Mississippi as soon as the restriction is lifted. The Mississippi Gaming Commission will be in charge of issuing licenses to and regulating the activities of the operators. Also, the app operators are also expected to partner with land-based casinos as it is done in other states. Once Mississippi online betting sites and apps begin to operate, many more people will be able to participate in gambling activities. Popular payment methods like PayPal, Check, Skrill, ACH, Visa, and Mastercard will also be used to process payments.

How Online Sports Betting Sites Make Use of Players’ Private Information

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Many online sportsbooks and casinos demand private information from users at different times. These private details are usually needed during registration and also during user verification. Online sportsbooks require them from users to prevent scam and other illegal operations. Basic details like name, addresses, and phone numbers are usually requested. But extra details like the Social Security Number, ID cards may also be requested, especially before withdrawals can be made. Although many users are not always willing to share details like the SSN, they are requested because the law takes it seriously. These extra details are also used in age verification processes. Some gambling sites request for the last four digits of the SSN while some may request for all nine digits. Sites that request for the last four digits usually obtain the other five from one of their service providers. The first step players have to take to ensure their private information is safe is by using only legalized gambling sites. Most legal sports betting sites make use of tight security measures to keep data safe. While this is the most important, bettors can also take more steps to provide additional security. These include:

  • Never sharing gambling sites login details with other people
  • Never sharing private information or payment methods with others.
  • Always logging after each gambling session.
  • Making use of different passwords on different sites.

Types of Sports Bets to Expect in Mississippi

Punters in Mississippi have many sports team to place their bets on in the state. These include teams like Mississippi RiverKings, Mississippi Brilla, and Mississippi Braves. There are already many gambling options, and there would be many more online wagering options when it is legal to bet online. Mississippi online betting sites will also offer options like Moneyline bets, Straight bets, Point Spread, Totals, Parlay, Future, Propositions, and in-game bets.

Latest News

Impact of Coronavirus on Mississippi Online Sports Betting

After the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, many sporting activities were forced to stop. Also, many casinos and physical sportsbooks were shut down. Casinos like Beau Rivage in Biloxi and Gold Strike in Tunica were also closed. This led to a decrease in physical gambling activities and revenue, and also an increase demand for the legalization of Mississippi online sports betting sites.

The Impact of 2020 Presidential Election in the United States

The presidential election race has been interesting so far. Immediately after the first set of party votes were cast, election gambling markets were opened at some foreign sportsbooks like Betway and Bet365. Many US gambling operators have since moved for the US to allow sportsbooks feature political betting.

Do not forget to check the situation with legalization of online gambling in other states to be aware of the latest updates in local laws: 


Is Sports Betting Legal in Mississippi?

Yes, Sports betting is now legal in Mississippi.

Can I bet Legally on Horse racing in MS?

Yes, bets on Horse racing are accepted at Mississippi licensed casinos.

Does the Beau Rivage have a Sportsbook?

Yes, the Beu Rivage Casino has a sportsbook.

Should I Be 21 years to have the right to bet?

Yes, the legal age for gambling in Mississippi is 21.
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