Virginia Online Lottery Review

Published: Oct 30, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Legal online gambling has been a significant discussion in the USA for a long time. Different states have their rules and regulations as it concerns US online gambling. For this reason, it’s very crucial to have enough information about the wagering rules of a specific state. In this writeup, we will give a detailed Virginia Online Lottery Review. Did you know that a lot of people love this state for the fantastic lottery games available? It’s okay if you don’t have a good idea about the lottery in Virginia; that’s the purpose of this article. In the state, there are over 50 different kinds of games. So, if you are hoping to have a taste of a quick game or something better, you can have it. Before delving into more details, let’s look into their background to understand this Virginia online lottery guide better.

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    Background History & Legalization of Virginia Online Lottery


    One of the most important things you should know about this state is how everything began. Did you know that the Virginia Lottery has been giving people the chance to win massive jackpots for over three decades? They are an independent agency of the Commonwealth of the state. Ever since 1987, they have been actively in operation. That year marked the start of a change in the online VA gambling. Virginians voted in favor of the state lottery; hence, it came into reality. Even though it was accepted in 1987, the first ticket was sold a year after.

    In 2019, they made profits of up to $650 million, which is responsible for close to 10% of school funding in the state. Please note that legal gambling is limited in the region. In the meantime, the state has eliminated horse racing. This event happened when Colonial Downs shut down in 2019, after being transformed into a golf course. Now, significant lotteries like Lucky for Life, Mega Millions, and Powerball are sold there.

    Lottery Options, Registration, And Virginia Lottery Rules

    The state of Virginia doesn’t have any online gambling options. Please note that this excludes the off-track betting terminals. In the meantime, the Virginia online gambling sphere is undefined. There are no specific rules against online gambling or in support of it. There are social casino sites and land-based slots for gamblers as well. Examples of some land-based casinos include MGM National Harbor and Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races.

    To register, you need to visit the official site and fill in the necessary details, including email, password, zip, and more. After successful registration, you should be ready to play on the website. How do you play? Deposit funds in your account by adding a payment method; after that, ensure you tap the PLAY NOW button. That’s all you need to play the Virginia Online Lottery.

    Virginia Lottery Codes, Promotions & Special Offers

    online poker

    New players can have a good taste of the welcome bonus available when they play the Virginia lottery from the best online lotto sites. This kind of bonus is crucial for new players because it goes a long way in helping them win more. What’s the purpose of the welcome bonus? It’s a way to appreciate the new players in the industry. The VA Lottery Online will give an additional $10 for free. Once you register and make an initial deposit, you should receive the complimentary bonus. There may be a need to input a Virginia lottery deposit promo code.

    Asides the additional bonus, they will give ten free Queen of Diamond games. Impressively, there are no playthrough requirements to claim the bonuses. Unlike many others, this is unique and exciting. Please note that all you need to do is make a minimum deposit of $10, and you have the free money to yourself. Regarding special offers, there are a couple of lottery prizes. With the jackpot, in the Cash4Life game, you’d get money every month for life.

    Safety & Crucial Information to Provide for Virginia Online Lottery

    There’s nothing to worry about when talking about safety for this state. Every user must know that his or her money is safe. For the sake of safety, the platform requires players to provide some vital details for registration and verification. Moreover, there are reliable systems in place that will help in securing your payments with any of the available methods of payment. When registering on their official site, you need to fill a field for providing your email address and a password. Another page opens up for registration. You may need to fill a form that requires information about one’s first, middle, and last name on that page. Other crucial things that may be required include:

    • Gender
    • Address
    • City
    • Date of Birth
    • Zip Code
    • SSN
    • Mobile number.

    Virginia Lottery

    Online Lottery Games

    Bettors have the opportunity to play Virginia lottery games online. In the state, there are three fundamental games you can enjoy as a player. You have the chance to pick your numbers and play any of the different draw games available. In the meantime, there are nine draw games, including daily Pick 3, Pick 4 games, and Cash 5. Please note that the state is one of the few that engage in the Cash4Life draw game. You can also purchase tickets and check winning numbers for the national draw games, Mega Millions, and Powerball. Asides draw games, Keno games, and several stretcher games are available. Under the Print ‘N Play, there are four significant games. Examples include Rolling Jackpot, Blackjack, Bingo, and Crossword.

    Virginia Online Mobile Playing

    Mobile playing is everyone’s dream. It’s stress-free and highly comfortable to use the VA lottery apps. Here’s the great news; you can use their services on mobile phones. Impressively, performance isn’t bad, even though the website is loaded. The overall response rate is beyond average. How about the site’s graphics, design, and structure? Interestingly, the website is doing an excellent job in those criteria. It is colorful, and it’s one of the rarest sites that pay attention to details. For navigation, everything works well. However, the menu bar spans the entire full-page width. If you visit their site, you will discover that they use back text and white background. Ready to play on mobile? Click the PLAY NOW button on the webpage that you’re located.

    Prizes And How to Claim Them

    One thing every player will notice about them is their available prices. If you’re a new player, this is one the most attractive deals you’d get on a lottery site. Please note that the big national games produce significant jackpot prize amounts. As a player, you have the opportunity to win several top jackpot prices. Examples of some of the available ones are:

    • Four Million Dollars: With Super Cash Frenzy, a scratch up game, you can win as high as four million USD. There are many other prices above this one.
    • Five Million Dollars: There are three scratch-off games available with a five-million-dollar top prize.
    • Seven Million Dollars: Here’s one of the most fantastic lottery deals. Please note that this is one of the biggest prizes available. Just use a $30 ticket for the 100X the money scratch-off.
    • Ten Million Dollars: Out of the other prizes available on the site, this is the largest one you’d find. It’s a $30 per ticket scratch-off game at the lottery online.

    Amazingly, the online lottery has more than two dozen games with potential high prize jackpots up to one million dollars. Moreover, you also get one dollar and three-dollar ticket games. What’s impressive is that these low-ticket games payout as high as a quarter-million. However, the Print N’ Play games don’t have million-dollar prize jackpots attached to them, but you can enjoy various ways to get massive cashouts.

    Fans of the Crossword puzzle have the chance of enjoying a $10 ticket with a $75,000 potential jackpot. How about claiming these prizes? The steps to claiming your prize are straightforward. There are several steps players can take to claim prizes up to $600 at a retail outlet. For large cash payouts, you may need to answer many questions on the question-and-answer page that the website provides. To withdraw your prize winnings, you need to do that through your Virginia Online Lottery Wallet. Start by going to your Account page and selecting withdrawal. In most cases, your prize claim may post to your bank account within three to five working days.

    Virginia Online Lottery Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

    Online lotteries must have a wide variety of payment methods. With that, players can experience better gambling experiences. You wouldn’t have to look for a way out of any option. In the meantime, Virginia Online Lottery accepts:

    • Debit cards
    • PayPal
    • Bank account (ACH).

    Please note that some banks restrict lottery transactions, so if this happens, contact your financial institution. Please note that the minimum deposit you should make in your account is $10. You can get a $10 bonus and ten free games after your initial deposit.


    Virginia Online Lottery has been active for a period in the state of Virginia. Even though this state engages in lottery activities, they don’t allow for horse racing. Players can enjoy the many benefits of gambling that the state provides. There are impressive bonus offers available in the state of Virginia. As a new player, you’d get a $10 welcome bonus with several free games. Interestingly, they also allow for mobile use. There are several prizes available on the site. Players can win four million, five million, seven million, and ten-million-dollar prizes. However, they have to fulfill the requirements necessary. Debit cards, PayPal, and Bank (ACH) are currently available payment methods on the site.

    Information is a key to the greatest gambling experience ever. With our reviews you will get everything you need to bet on sports online safely and play casino games without any troubles in the following states:


    Does Virginia allow online gambling?

    VA online gambling is acceptable. However, the options available are remarkably limited. Virginians can only enjoy the state lottery.

    What is the legal age for online lottery in Virginia?

    The legal age for online lottery in Virginia is 18 years and above. Players below the appropriate age will not be able to register.

    Can I play the Virginia lottery online?

    Yes, you can play the Virginia lottery online. However, you need to make sure that you are within the state. The site makes use of a geo-location software to confirm that.

    Can I buy VA lottery tickets with a credit card?

    There are several options available for payment. However, the use of a credit card is unavailable. Players can only utilize debit cards.

    Can I remain anonymous if I win the lottery in Virginia?

    According to the new law in Virginia, you can remain anonymous if you win prizes greater than $10 million. However, if the winner agrees to let his name go announced, it will be publicized.

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