A Complete Guide to Wyoming Online Gambling Industry

Published: Oct 29, 2020 Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Wyoming is a landlocked state in the United States of America with a gambling history that began with horse racing. Land-based gambling establishments in the state are hardly a reality, but a diverse range of online games are operating quite well. The Wyoming online gambling scene is highly active as the state residents are more comfortable with playing online games than visiting a brick and mortar casino. The state’s population is spread throughout the large geographical area, making it impractical to develop a gambling hotspot. Online games dominate the state’s overall gambling scene, along with a few small casinos, two racetracks, and a state-managed lottery.

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    The first casino in Wyoming was launched in 2009, followed by two others in 2010; they are only permitted to operate in tribal lands. The initial games that enjoyed a legal status were slot machines and video poker, with games like poker and blackjack as further additions. Wyoming lottery was launched in 2013 and is legally bound to sell only lotto tickets. If you are interested in Wyoming online gambling, you must read ahead as we will provide all the necessary information about the state’s gambling scene.

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    The Problem of Legalization of Online Gambling in Wyoming

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    The state of Wyoming has been historically strict when it comes to gambling laws. Online and land-based casinos have been illegal for decades in the state. In 2005, the tribal groups took the government to the federal court to obtain the right to operate casinos on tribal land. The tribal groups successfully obtained permission for operating casinos on their land, and a few tribal casinos came into existence. With the further legalization of the state lottery in 2013, things began to look more positive. The state took a further step in 2016, with its attempts to review the gambling laws and possible reforms in the gambling commission but with no progress. As of now, online casinos do not enjoy the much needed legal backing in Wyoming.

    The legal scenario did not look very positive after the 2016 review. However, the introduction of recent bills supporting the legalization of gambling in the state legislature is spreading positive vibes. Tom Walters, along with sen. Ogden Driskill introduced the Wyoming House Bill in the state legislature to support the legalization and regulation of online sports booking and to bet in the state. The bill had the provision of a 16% tax on sports booking revenue along with a $20,000 fee for licensing and $10,000 renewal fees. There are no limitations on the number of licenses issued or specific eligibility for obtaining such a permit. Wyoming online gambling scenario will certainly see the upside once a favorable bill pass.

    Aspects to Consider Before Gambling in Wyoming

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    Choosing the right online gambling site can be confusing with the high number of sites providing such services. There are specific parameters and services that one needs to investigate before settling on a gambling site. The first thing you should explore is the site’s banking methods to make deposits and withdrawals. Casinos can provide different banking methods or can stick to a particular method. It would help if you looked out for casinos that offer the banking methods that you are comfortable with. The second parameter is security for online transactions and personal information, and only casinos with certified security measures should be considered.

    Promotions, bonuses, and loyalty programs offered by the casinos are a useful addon. Most casinos are bound to obtain legal status and keep up with a good reputation. Make a little effort to check out where your selected casino stands in both these parameters. While playing online games at a site, you will need regular customer support. After checking out on all these parameters, you need to look at the variety of games that a site is offering and see if it provides you with your favorite games. You must pay great attention to the site’s apps for a great mobile experience on the technical side. If you use your laptop or personal computer for the gameplay, you need to give the casino software a try to know how user friendly it is.

    Social Casinos in Wyoming

    Social casinos refer to the apps or websites you can use to play casino games with your online friends. Most popular casino games such as blackjack, Roulette, Slots, and video poker are available through social casinos. Wyoming online gambling laws do not prohibit social casino games as they don’t involve real money. The two most popular casinos offering social gambling in Wyoming are Chumba and Luckyland. Let’s have a look at these casinos.


    Chumba is one of the finest social online casinos that enables users to play various games without making deposits. Chumba also allows players to use sweep coins that are provided free of cost. Virtual coins used in Chumba are restocked after a certain period if you end up using them all. It also provides a signup bonus of 200 000 gold coins for players that they can use for various games such as Roulette, blackjack, and video poker. Chumba provides sweep coins through mail-in offers.


    Luckyland is another great platform for gamers who wish to play through sweep coins. Luckyland provides more than 30 slot games for players and provides a signup bonus of 9 000 gold coins along with 50 sweep coins.

    Wyoming Daily Fantasy Sports

    Online platforms allow you to place bets and earn money by competing against other players. Daily fantasy sports include a diverse range of fantasy games, allowing you to build teams taking professional athletes. You will earn points if your team members perform well on the field. DFS online platforms allow users to bet and make money. The legal status of Daily fantasy sports is not well defined in the state of Wyoming, which means it is not considered an illegal activity.

    The Current Situation With Wyoming Online Betting Sites

    Looking at the current legal status of Wyoming online gambling, it can be said that things will run as it is until favorable gambling laws are passed. Social casinos will continue to be the top choice for players as they don’t involve real money. Apart from these, the land-based casinos will be restricted to tribal lands due to many legal and economic factors. Suppose favorable laws are passed in the future. In that case, full-fledged land-based and online casinos will gain a significant number of players throughout the state, with most casino games being available. Table games, a wide variety of slot games, and live dealer games will see a great fan base in the future.  As the coronavirus pandemic has brought everything to a still, it has also brought the legislation proceedings to hold. Once normality resumes, the hopes of proper legislation and passing of favorable bills will emerge again.

    Do not forget to check the situation with legalization of online gambling in other states to be aware of the latest updates in local laws: 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is online gambling legal in Wyoming?

    No, currently, online casinos don't have legal support.

    Can I bet legally on horse racing in Wyoming?

    Yes, you can legally bet on horse caring in Wyoming legally.

    Is sports betting legal in Wyoming?

    No, sports betting is currently not legal in Wyoming.

    How old should I be to have the right to play social casinos?

    The minimum age criteria for playing online social casinos is 18 years old.

    Is it legal to use offshore sites for online gambling in Wyoming?

    No, offshore sites are not legal in Wyoming.

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