Best Michigan Online Sports Betting Apps And Sites

The State of Michigan has made some groundbreaking legislation concerning sports betting. They crossed a major milestone in 2019 which saw legal sports betting. They had set plans in motion to get sports betting up and running fully by March 2020. This article is put together to assess these new developments on the Michigan online sports betting, legal sports betting, casino applications, Michigan online platforms, welcome bonuses, online casino games, license, mobile sports betting, and the current situation of the Michigan casino scene as a result of the pandemic.

Best Michigan Online Sports Betting Sites
Draftkings Sportsbook

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FanDuel Sportsbook

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Return to Sports Promo
Multi-Sport Parlay Insurance
Home Run Challenge
Fox Bet Sportsbook

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MI betting sites License

michigan online sports bettingCasino games are legalized in Michigan. Although, players can’t yet wager on online games. Usually, a license is a sort from the Michigan Gaming Control Board for an application fee of $50,000. The licensing fee is set for $100,000 and would be subsequently renewed annually at a fee of $50,000.

The Michigan Gaming Control board is solely in charge of giving licenses to casinos. They also regulate and control gaming operations. Simply send in an application having your details such as name, business address, business phone number, and of course, your social security number. The board would assess it and if deemed adequate, would hand over your license to you. The license can only be given when you have fulfilled all the requirements. For more information, you could visit

Rules for Michigan online sports gambling sites are still under review due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, this has stalled a lot of progress. Again, the Michigan legislature has made it an 8.4 % on the revenue tax. For commercial casinos, 1.25 % is slated, having a sportsbook license. Further description of the tax structure is listed below:

  • 20% on revenue close to $ 4 million
  • 22%, from $4 million – $ 8 million on revenue
  • 24 % tax on $8 million – $10 million revenue

Here is a link with more information about the sports betting license, taxes, and fees, check out the Michigan Gamingn Control and Revenue act.

Where and How to Bet on Sports in Michigan

Here are steps to get you started on your online sports betting journey. First, you need to get registered at a casino of your choice. When you have completed this stage, the next question would be what game are you betting on? There are different kinds of sports and game types to select from. If you seem to be lost, call on the casino staff, they would guide you through. There are two ways to bet. You can do that at a teller window or preferably at a self-service kiosk. A receipt would be issued with information surrounding your bet.

Mobile sports gambling doesn’t require a physical presence to place your bets. Immediately, the online platforms are up and running, you can set up an account in a couple of minutes and use the platform. Retail sports betting became feasible in March 2020. There are about three commercial casinos that are currently fully operational in the sub-region. The Greektown Casino, MGM Grand Detroit, and MotorCity Casino. There are also about 23 native gaming facilities available. For online players, there would be a need to wait a little longer before you can place stakes at your convenience.

What Aspects Should Be Considered While Choosing the best MI online sports betting sites?

It is important to ensure the following considerations are understood before you pick an online betting site.

Banking methods

The banking method is a vital factor to consider. Most betting sites authorize credit cards to make payments, while some also accept payments with debit cards. In certain cases, some credit card issuers are not compatible with online casino platforms, and this could cause your transaction to bounce. It is better to choose a betting site that accepts various banking methods.


Ensure that online betting sites have the best service provider. With the amount of personal and private information that would be input on the platforms, it is important to use only secure sites. There are a lot of internet fraud schemes that are evolving, and you would not want to be a victim. Pick a good site with the best software provider. The platform provided by Besedo, VASCO Data Security, and Wirecard Technologies AG is top-rated against fraud protection. Quality in this section is not negotiable and must be duly noted.

MI sportsbooks Promotions and bonusesmichigan online sports betting

Although betting is a form of entertainment, winning your bet is also a primary goal. Check out for sites that have good bonus offers. Promotions and bonuses are an incentive to encourage you to win more. The casinos are expected to have cashback promos of up to $2500 on first deposits. MGM Grand Detroit, for instance, offers two special offers in ‘Freeplay’ and ‘Pointplay.’ Freeplay increases slot playing time while Pointplay bonuses reward members by converting Cash Back balances (of $5 or more) to Pointplay credits right at your favorite slot or video poker machine. These bonuses will serve as incentives for new and returning customers.

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs or rewards are one important reason to have an online sports gambling account. With an online account, the more you bet, you are provided with a bonus which increases your return. One of the reasons these sites offer you a loyalty program is simply to make you choose and stick with them. These loyalty programs are essentially a form of customer retention tactic.

Michigan online sportsbooks Reputation and legalization

Playing on an online betting platform that has a good reputation is always a good choice. When picking an online betting site, make sure they have a good review by real people (not bots) and are legal, licensed, and regulated. This would save you from scams and also increase your confidence as you play.

Customer support

A good casino has its customers’ support working round the clock. When going through your list of online betting sites, either the Michigan online betting sites or others, don’t forget to check out their customer support. A couple of times, service issues may arise from depositing and withdrawals, or banking difficulties. You would need to call on customer support to help you address and find solutions to these complications as they arise.

Choice of game

The option to select from a couple of games could be empowering. Online casino games have variants such as poker, blackjack, and many more! Sports bet games would also include horse racing, fantasy, and regular match bet types. Stakes can be made in different formats ranging from Moneyline, total, and spread bets as well. The option to select a particular game from a couple of games has a good feel, puts you in charge of your choices. This is one thing players would like that they are not forced to play a certain game.


Online casino games can be played on the website or by downloading the casino’s app. With the sports betting app, and it is easier to log in and stay logged in. In Michigan, sports gambling apps are preferable and usually the best choice for most mobile players. Not all casino brands have developed an app, so choose a casino site that has an app for convenience. These apps are available for whatever smartphone you are using. Casino app for IOS and Android are available for players, depending on their mobile device.


Software is a very delicate factor to consider before opting for a casino site. There are casino sites that have a poor software provider. With such, you would experience reduced speed, poor user interface, poor user experience, and a host of other issues. To get the best experience, select a site with a respectable software provider. Gambling ComplianceFenlex, Congatec AG are all software providers with proven pedigree working with online casinos.

What Companies Are Expected to Enter Mi Online Betting Market?

Sports betting is now legal in Michigan, and both online and live sports casinos are approved. The State of Michigan, initially, planned a launch for online sports betting in March 2020. All hands are on deck to ensure that online MI sports betting are up and running. Although, they have slated February 2021 for the launch of the mobile app. Indeed, Michigan is pressing forward to beat time to set up online sports betting. Each of the 3 stable casinos in Detroit is set to establish an online presence – Barstool(Greektown), BetMGM(MGM Grand), and Fanduel(MotorCity). Mergers and partnerships have also been agreed upon.

Companies like PointBet Holdings have secured the betting and online gaming market by signing an agreement with Lac Vieux Desert Public Enterprise and Finance Commission. The coronavirus pandemic has called for the need to hasten proceedings up, concerning the online launch. With the current pace, October could be a feasible date for the launch. All stakeholders are working hard and cooperatively to bring this to fruition. The casino, executive branch, tribal government, and other legislative leaders are working tirelessly to make it as successful as another online platform. It is expected that in the not too distant future, almost 80 percent of sports bets can be placed online. The state of Michigan did consider online betting. The legislature understood the reality of things.

PointsBet MI

Online betting would bring back Michigan players, that had to use casinos in other states. They would be able to abandon their offshore site. This is why an online launch would be successful. Also, geolocation software is set up. This would restrict people outside Michigan from being able to access the app.

Deposits can be made through these common deposit methods: bank cards, bank transfer, payment Processor Electronic Wallet, prepaid cards, cash, check, or better still money orders. On the other hand, you can make your withdrawals via the same methods used in depositing, except you are paid via a PayNearMe service.

Note that the withdrawal methods are very easy because of the state of Michigan’s legal state-regulated gambling services. Again, in the United States, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Acts prohibits offshore operators from making payments using the US banking system.

Michigan Online Sports Betting News: Coronavirus Impact

As seen in other business industries, the coronavirus pandemic is cutting through the casino industry in these critical and unprecedented times. 2020 was supposed to be a lucrative year for online betting. So many sports events have been suspended or canceled, for the time being, the world is at a standstill. Surely, the pandemic took a hit on the Michigan online sports gambling initiative before it could take off fully.

No doubt it would take some dedicated stakeholders to come together to make it work. The launching process would be delayed. This implies that Michigan residents would have to wait for some weeks or months before the online platform comes back on track.

The Use of Personal Information within MI Sports Betting Apps

Personal information that should be provided includes your bank details, home address, and other data. Lots of players are not aware of these security risks. They have no understanding of how these data submitted online can be used adversely. The State of Michigan is much aware of how sensitive the personal directories of players are and has taken certain steps to keep these details safe from fraudsters.

Lots of online gambling players have been put to risk. The issue of cybersecurity is an issue that every online casino should consider important. Data protection happens to be a huge problem in this field, as there have been lots of data leaks, and personal information of players used to commit fraud.

Also, the protection of data is the players’ responsibility. Ensure your betting site is licensed and regulated. Such a site should be under a reputable administration and should have been in business for a couple of years – at least ten years. Like it was mentioned earlier, ensure you check out the reviews of the casino. If they lack a negative comment, it would be best to stay away from such a site. There is no perfect casino.

What Types of Sports Bets Will Michigan Offer?

There are various options that Michigan is set to offer. There is no restriction by law on these options. However, popular bets options include:

Match or Full Season Bets

  • Moneyline bets – These are very simple bets and probably the most common types. Stakes are placed on the specific team that would win the game.
  • Totals bets – Here, you do not stake on teams to win. The total score is a vital aspect of this type of bet. It could be referred to as an over-under bet where you guess the score of both teams and add.
  • Spread bets – With this type of bet, you are betting about the gap between a team’s score and their opponent. You simply would predict that the gap or difference in these scores would be greater than a specific number. You place your bet on the team that has a better chance of beating that spread,
  • Future bets – Future bets are bets placed on events that are yet to take place. Events that are a long way off. For instance, staking on team A to make the Rugby World Cup or Team X would make the Super Bowl are examples of this.

Betting on Horse Racing

Horse racing is also available and is actively listed online as options.

Michigan Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily fantasy sports are specifically addressed in the Fantasy Contest Consumer Protection Act by the Michigan government. They are legal and would be fully operational once online platforms are launched.

Do not forget to check the situation with the legalization of online gambling in other states to be aware of the latest updates in local laws: 


Are sports betting legal in Michigan? 

Sports betting is legal. Over time, the state of Michigan has come together to legalize sports betting. Taxes are paid by these Michigan online sports casinos, which establishes them as legitimate businesses. Alongside the fact that they have to be registered by the government before they can successfully carry out any form of activities.

Do I have to be live in Michigan to bet? 

Players have to be within the jurisdiction of the State of Michigan. Bets cannot be placed outside of the state. Even though you have a mobile smartphone, the betting is within the state boundary. The moment you cross the borders; you would be unable to use Michigan based platforms.

When will mobile betting be launched in MI? 

The slated date for the launch of the mobile sports betting has been delayed until early 2021. There is a certainty that the mobile launch would take place before the live sporting casinos.

Should I be 21 years old to have the right to bet? 

The state of Michigan sets the age limit of 21 years for state-licensed casinos, for both online and live betting. Individuals who are less than the set age are not be allowed into casinos or use online platforms. Although, this varies for tribal casinos. Some of the tribal casinos allow ages from 18 to 19 years to bet. Others stick to 21.

What companies will offer mobile sports betting in MI? 

Various companies are set to offer mobile sports betting in MI. Companies are coming together in different kinds of mergers and partnerships. Rush Street Interactive entered a partnership with Little Rivers Casino. They became the casino’s operator to help speed the whole process. Other companies include PointBet Holdings, Barstool, BetMGM, and Fanduel. The mobile betting app is said to be ready by 2021. 
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